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Nutrition/Artificial Rice Project

Nutrition/Artificial Rice Project

This process line is studied in concern with the loss of nutritional elements in the rice which is made by the traditional rice processing.Rice and its by adding additional nutritional nutrient components before extrusion cooking.Further,by this process,the broken rice bran can be reused.Process for making artificial rice grains,comprises mixing rice flour,water and oil and cooking them in extruder,forming into rice-grain shape,drying and cooling in low temperature.The technique makes it feasible to aviod the loss of nutrition.

model installed power output
AHE78H 90KW 600-750 KG/H
AHE90H160 160KW 1200-1500 KG/H
AHE120H 315 KW 2500-3000 KG/H

(1) Design: Developed by 3D software, analog simulation, and it has been tested by a computer automatically, in order to ensure
the accuracy of the design requirements.We have a professional and manufacturing industry to ensure the precision and coordination
of each component of the extruder, while maintaining stable processing and low noise.New Technology can make up for the loss of micro-nutrients in traditional processing technology and strengthen the nutritional value in rice food. The rice flour and broken rice are blended with vitamins and minerals ,extruded by extruder to retain vitamins and minerals. It has the characteristics of instant, nutritious and convenient. Leading the direction of future fast instant food products.

(2) Function: Modular function screw and barrel, humanized menu system, various applications. AYT double screw extruder for
advanced design concepts can meet different requirements.

(3) Materials: Precise food manufacturing technology and the best alloy metal materials ensure that the wear of the screw and
barrel is minimized, and the service life of the cable is longer.

(4) Application: We produce various kinds of food extrusion, such as vegetable protein, cereal flakes / breakfast cereals,
pellets, feed / animal feed, etc.

(5) After services: We provide a professional team of engineers to service installation and commissioning.

(1) Siemens Main Motor

(2) The screw adopts fully engaged model, designed by 3D design, CNC machining, smooth surface, high conjunction accuracy, and better self-cleaning function, changing parts flexibly.

(3) The screw and barrel adopt a combination modular structure, which can be assembled in any combination to meet different formulas and product requirements.

(4) The screw and barrel are made of special alloy with high strength and high wear resistance.