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Breakfast Cereals, Corn Flakes Production System

2020-06-13 16:04:13

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 Breakfast cereal, snack food is a brittle food, taste smooth, grain flavor is strong. Breakfast grain food is made by a special structure of extruder, compared with the traditional method in the yield, quality, raw material adaptability, so that vitamin, mineral and other trace elements to strengthen the possibility. The production line has many optional models, flexible equipment configuration, wide range of raw materials, many kinds of products, simple operation and so on. By changing different molds and changing the production process, we can produce all kinds of puffed food, which is suitable for all kinds of food manufacturers.  

1.Process: Flour preparation-Blending-Conditioning-Extruding- Flaking- Pre drying -Roasting- Coating- Drying- Cooling-Packing

2.Application: Corn flakes, Whole grain flakes, Breakfast cereals, Cherrios, Instant grains, Fruit-Oat Chips, Egg star, Honey nut Ring, Multi-Grains High Fiber grain Chips

3.Product description: Use corn,wheat,oats grains as materials, after extruded by premium extruder, Product crisp with high nutrition content, popular by different age consumers.

4.Capacity:200-300kg/h, 400-600kg/h, 800-1000kg/h,1200-1500kg/h