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Do you know the history of extrusion technology in China?

2020-06-03 18:00:44

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  The application of puffing technology in China started from the feed processing enterprises affiliated to CP Group. After more than ten years of propaganda and promotion, the superiority of puffing material has been accepted by the vast number of breeding enterprises, and the production technology of puffing machine has gradually become mature. If according to the development stage of the industry analysis(introduction period, development period, peak period, decline period) the production and application of expansion machine in China is currently in the development period, it is expected that 3-5 years will enter the peak period.


People used puffing technology to produce puffing machines, used to make a variety of food and feed. So what are the components of the puffing machine?


 It is mainly composed of power transmission device, feeding device, pre-modulator, extrusion parts and discharge cutting device. The extrusion part is the core part, which is composed of screw, outer cylinder and die head. Generally, the extruder is divided into single screw extruder and double screw extruder according to the number of screws in the outer cylinder.

According to whether steam is added to the material during the puffing process, the extruder can be divided into dry puffing machine and wet puffing machine. The dry puffing machine relies on mechanical friction and extrusion to pressurize and heat the material. This method is suitable for the processing of raw materials with more water and grease, such as puffing of whole fat soybean. For other materials with less water and grease, steam or water should be added in the extrusion process, and wet expansion machine is often used. The extruder bore is generally assembled to facilitate the replacement and maintenance of the required configuration parts. There are straight groove type and spiral groove type in machine bore segment. Straight groove type has shear, stirring action, generally located in the middle of the extruder chamber; spiral  The groove type helps to push the material, usually located at the feed port, and the segment near the template is also designed to spiral groove, so that the pressure and discharge of the template remain uniform. single screw from the feeding end to the discharging end, the screw root is gradually thickened, and the screw piece with fixed pitch gradually becomes shallow, so that the material capacity in the machine is gradually reduced. At the same time, some shear locks with different diameters are installed in the middle of the screw to slow down the material flow and strengthen the maturation.

 The twin-screw extruders of the twin-screw extruder are parallel to each other, and there are four forms: the non-rotating contract rotation, the non-meshing relative rotation, the meshing contract rotation and the meshing relative rotation. The non-meshing twin-screw extruder can be used as two separate parallel screws, each with different filling and discharging. Twin screw extruder has its advantages in quality control and processing flexibility, can process viscous, multi-oil or very wet raw materials and in a single screw extruder will slip raw materials.