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Bread Crumb Production Line

Bread Crumb Production Line

1) Process: Flour mixing– Extruding– Cutting–Pulverizer–Drying–Sifting

2)Application: Fried chicken, burger patty, sea foods,onion ring etc.


This process line is researched and developed on the basis of international advanced technology. The performance and quality have reached the highest domestic level of the same line. The line changes the traditional process. From mixing materials, extruding, cutting, drying to finished products are done in one automatic line. The Extruded Bread Crumbs are light and crispy with innovative shapes (small rings, crescent, small stars, balls, granule etc). They are widely used as food coating additives on the surface of frying food to obtain a very crispy and savory texture as well as unique and attractive fried foods’ golden color presentation.


Model AHT50 AHT62 AHT75 AHT95
Capacity 120-150kg/h 200-250kg/h 300-500kg/h 500-7000kg/h