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Modified Starch Production Line

Modified Starch Production Line

1) Process: Flour mixing– Extruding– Drying–Grinding–Packing

2)Raw materials: corn starch, cassava starch etc.


Pre-gelatinized starch/Modified starch process line is specially designed for producing Denatured Starch, Modified Starch, Pre Gel Starch. Modified Starch is widely used in textile, food process, oil drilling, paper, construction industries etc.
This process line is a typical type extruded food machine studied and developed by ourselves on the basis of learning from advanced technology in the world so that both its technical performance and products quality reach to the most advanced level in the world. This line features lots of types, flexible collocation, extensive applied raw materials, various products and easy operation.


Model AHT50 AHT62 AHT75 AHT95
Capacity 200-250kg/h 300-400kg/h 400-500kg/h 800-1200kg/h