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How to choose a heating method for a dryer?

2021-06-17 16:23:42

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Whenever we talk to customers about the specific needs of a production line, they inevitably ask which heating method they want to use. From our point of view, we can offer customers four heating methods: steam, gas, electric and diesel. If the customer has never understood these steam heating methods, then we can provide the customer with these four heating methods and let the customer choose one; if the customer knows these heating methods, I believe the customer has a clear choice. Sometimes a situation may arise: the client has two heating methods that need to be recommended to the client.

Several factors influence the choice of the dryer heating method: local factors in gas, diesel and electricity prices; the customer has a boiler; and independent choice of the client. If we want to recommend a heating method to our customers, steam heating is the first choice as steam heating is relatively the most economical. Although customers who do not have a boiler need to prepare the boiler early, when the entire production line is up and running, the cost savings from steam heating will soon fill up the space when purchasing a boiler. Of course, this is conditional: if the buyer is in an area rich in gas, the price of gas can be very low, and it will be more affordable to choose gas heating. Although steam heating is relatively the most readily available, there is a situation where steam heating is useless, that is, when heating through an oven on a cornflake line. The reason is that the temperature of steam heating cannot achieve the effect of baking cornflakes, and electric heating is relatively expensive, so gas heating is the best choice.
Summing up, I believe that everyone in their souls has a relatively clear answer to the question of choosing a method for heating the dryer. Please hurry up and buy our dryer!