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Bread crumb machine equipment production line of twin screw extruder

2020-10-30 17:06:31

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more bread crumbs are used as food additives. It is generally used for deep-fried and fried foods. Its main function is to relieve the time of food being fried; due to its own Characteristic, can play a scorched appearance. Mainly used in western fried steak, fried chicken legs and other frying accessories. According to the needs of the market, our company has developed a whole bread crumb production line from raw material, puffing, bran, drying to finished product.

Bread crumb production line
Shandong Zhennuo’s intelligent equipment-bread crumb production line uses a twin-screw extruder to produce bread crumbs, which changes the traditional bread crumb production process and is another innovative application of twin-screw extrusion technology. The bread bran equipment is a set of fully automatic production line, from raw material mixing, conveying, forming (extrusion, crushing) even assembly line; the available raw materials can be used in addition to flour, rice flour, corn flour, corn starch, etc.; can produce a variety of The shape of breadcrumbs can be needle-shaped, granular, snowflake-shaped, flake-shaped, star-shaped or various shapes to meet different needs of customers.
Device Configuration
1. Flaky bread crumbs: flour mixer → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → suction feeder → rotary vibrating screen → vibration cooling

2. Needle breadcrumbs: flour mixer → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → traction and cutting machine → hoist → crusher → suction feeder → multilayer dryer → cooling conveyor → vibrating screening machine

1. Centralized control of the touch screen of the extruder host, accurate and convenient

2. The motor is directly connected to the distribution box for transmission, reducing energy loss

3. The use of high-quality bearing sets, strong carrying capacity

4. Parts are all internationally renowned brands


after-sale warranty

1. Provide production formula, installation, commissioning, and operator training services. Professional engineers provide machine installation, training, company employees, problem solving, machine maintenance.

2. Professional machine maintenance and service. The warranty period of the machine and its parts is 1 year. Long-term maintenance service of spare parts and components.

3. Complete after-sales product quality tracking system, establish a complete product quality tracking report for each customer, conduct professional analysis, and provide timely feedback.

4. Design and provide non-standard products according to customer requirements.

5. For the sake of global customers, we provide comprehensive consulting services in equipment and technology, raw materials, packaging, etc., so that customers truly have no worries.