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Application and advantages of microwave puffed food

2020-10-23 11:58:32

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Microwave puffing is a new puffing technology, which uses the characteristics of microwave heating to make the moisture in the material endothermic and vaporize, and then make the starch gelatinization, protein denaturation and moisture turn into steam in the material, thereby making the food material tissue puffing.

Compared with extrusion puffing and frying puffing, the microwave puffing technology has a fast heating speed and a short heating time of the food. It is not easy to cause some unnecessary chemical reactions in the food, and does not increase the fat of the food, and better retains the original product. The flavor makes the puffed food porous. Therefore, microwave puffing has very broad application prospects in the food industry.

Introduction of Arrow Microwave Puffing Food Equipment:
It is suitable for drying and sterilizing various puffed foods processed by single screw and twin screw. Puffed foods generally use starch as the main raw material. Microwave puffing overcomes the oily product caused by frying and puffing and the undesirable changes in food caused by extrusion and puffing. It has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. This high-tech in food Application and improvement of plant economic efficiency are of great significance. After the starch is gelatinized with water, various necessary food additives are added to shape, and then pre-dried, and then heated and puffed by microwave to make various foods, such as puffing of potato and corn foods.

Processing advantages:

1. Fast and uniform heating: microwave heating is completely different from traditional heating methods. It is a process in which the heated material itself becomes a heating element without heat conduction. Therefore, even though it is a material with poor thermal conductivity, it can reach the heating temperature in a very short time. And regardless of the shape of each part of the object, microwave heating can make the surface and the inside of the object evenly penetrate electromagnetic waves to generate heat. Therefore, the heating uniformity is good, and there will be no external coke endogenous phenomenon.

2. Anti-mildew, sterilization, and preservation: microwave heating has thermal and biological effects, and can sterilize and prevent mildew at lower temperatures.

3. Advanced technology and easy control: as long as the microwave power is controlled, immediate heating and termination can be achieved. The application of man-machine interface and PLC can carry out the programmable control automation control of the heating process and heating process specifications.

4. Safe and harmless: Because the microwave energy is controlled to work in the metal heating chamber and the wave guide, there is very little microwave leakage, no radiation hazards, no harmful gas emissions, no waste heat and dust pollution, and no food pollution. Does not pollute the environment.

Shandong Arrow Intelligent Equipment strives to pursue technological advancement, production standards, equipment safety, environmental protection and durability. As a result, the company’s microwave equipment has reliable applicability, guarantees and has won the trust and good reputation of our customers.