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Microwave machine

Microwave machine

Working Principle of Microwave:

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of 300 MHz to 300 GHz, and the water molecules in the heated medium material are polar molecules. Under the action of the rapidly changing high-frequency electromagnetic field, it causes the water molecules in the material to vibrate and rub against each other. The field energy of the microwave field is converted into the heat energy in the medium, which causes the temperature of the material to rise, resulting in a series of thermalization and puffing. Physical and chemical process to achieve microwave heating, drying, sterilization, puffing and killing, and fine application in various industries.

Application of Microwave

1.Microwave sterilization: Microwave sterilization is the result of the combined effect of microwave thermal and biological effects. 

2.Microwave expansion: microwave energy penetrates the material, causing polar molecules in the material to rub against each other to generate internal heat, so that the liquid inside the processed material instantaneously heats up and vaporizes, pressurizes and expands, and relies on the expansion force of the gas to make the polymer in the component.

3.Microwave killing equipment: using the unique technology of microwave, using the thermal and biological effects of microwave under low temperature conditions (60-80℃), quickly passivating the activity of oxidase in it, so that its material components are not destroyed by high temperature. 

4.Microwave drying: In the process of microwave heating of water molecules, the water molecules absorb heat energy to accelerate the movement and quickly evaporate to achieve the purpose of drying the product. 

Main features of microwave heating

1.Rapid heating:

2.Even heating:

3.Energy saving and high efficiency:

4.Anti-enzyme, sterilization, preservation:

5.Advanced technology can realize automatic control:

6.Safe and harmless, improve working conditions:


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