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Breakfast cereals/cornflakes Project

Breakfast cereals/cornflakes Project

Corn flakes processing line can produce breakfast cereal which is one of nutritional convenient food which is produced by this process line,using grist as basic material,with different shapess,such as,granule,flake,animal,etc.One outstanding characterisic of the breakfast cereal is that it  contains abundat compound carbohydrates and dietary fibre,strength  lots of microelements,such as vitamin and mineral,and also can be added with cocoa and sugar,like honey and maltose.It can be drunk directly after mixed into coffee,milkyoghourt or functional drink.Children can eat breakfast  cereal as sweet crispy snack.


Model AHT62 AHT75 AHT95 AHT95-II
Output 200-300kg/h 400-600kg/h  800-1000kg/h



Advantages-Breakfast Cereals Processing Line

We have many types of hosts and high degree of automation. The extruder can realize button start, real-time data storage, real-time monitoring, alarm and reminder functions of the host.Our double screw extruder designed by 3D software, analogue simulation and it is tested by computer automatically to ensure the requirements of design precision. Professional manufacturing and processing,this will ensure the accuracy and coordinalion among each component of the Extruder. Stable processing and low noise is the best proof.

Electric Apparatus Cabinet

The components in the electric cabinet use Schneider brand, such as air switch, circuit breaker, AC contactors, etc.Screen: PLC Touch screen, easy operation, data remember function; centralized control available

Gear box: high torque, high precision and low noise


Gear box: high torque, high precision and low nois