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Textured Vegetable Protein Production System

Use Soya pea, etc plant type protein as main materials, after extruded, finished product with good water absorption Fiber Extensibility . So far best substitution for animal meat, free cholesterol, high protein. Widely used at vegetarian client fast freezing food, sausage food.Process: Flour preparation→Blending→Conditioning Extruded→Sheeting →Crushing-→Sifing→Drying→Cooling→Packing.



1-Wet Product

2-Dry products

3-More products 

Turnkey Project

Complete turnkey system from raw materials process to packing, central centralized control system, whole plant automation engineering, and complete peripheral equipment.



  1. Provide production formula, installation, debugging, operator training service.
  2. Professional machine maintenance and service.
  3. Perfect product quality tracking system after sale.
  4. To design and supply non-standard products according to the cuystomer request.