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Preparations before starting the equipment

2021-07-30 10:05:07

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Last week, I learned some knowledge about equipment debugging. These knowledge or tips are not only the professional work process of the after-sales department, but also the experience accumulated by my colleagues for many years. I will share with you this time.

1. When the equipment arrives at the customer’s factory, the first step to prepare is the power cord and cooling water. When choosing the power cord, the specification of the power cord should not be lower than that of the control cabinet, so that customers don’t need to choose the power cord blindly. The control cabinet wiring is also relatively simple, each line has a line number, only need to connect according to the number.

2. After the wire is connected, the equipment can be energized for debugging, and it should be noted that the debugging is empty. After starting up, check whether the steering of each position of the equipment is normal. Pay special attention to the steering of the oil pump motor. If the steering of the oil pump motor is reversed, the oil is not input into the gear box, which will affect the service life.

3. Generally, the screw clearance is adjusted when shipped from the factory, so after the equipment arrives at the customer’s factory, the screw basically does not need to be adjusted. Another position that needs to be adjusted is the cut-off position, which is what we often call the knife adjustment. If it is cut by the belt traction, the belt must be hung before adjusting the knife, so as to ensure that the cutter frame will not shift due to the belt hanging after the cutter is adjusted.

4. After the cutter is adjusted, a simple power-on test can be carried out. Start-up sequence: turn on the oil pump → add water → turn on the feeding → stop adding water after discharging → the discharging is normal, and the cutter is started. After repeated debugging, the product shape that meets the requirements can be cut out.

5. Parameters that need to be paid attention to after starting up: main motor current (cannot exceed the rated current marked on the nameplate of the main motor for a long time)

6. ​​In the process of producing puffed food, if there is an uneven discharge, there are two points to be checked: one is to see whether the screw gap needs to be adjusted, if the gap is too large, then the screw with the smaller gap needs to be cushioned. Someone may ask how to pad it? In fact, the splined end of the screw has a detachable gasket. If you need a screw gasket, just remove the gasket and thicken it up. The second is to see whether the gap between the screw and the barrel is too large. If it is too large, the screw and barrel need to be replaced. However, this situation is a problem that only occurs after the device has been used for a long time.

 I will share with you today, and I will share other practical dry goods with you in the future.