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A real case of a foreign trader: a warm story between me and the road to “vacuum frying”

2021-07-14 11:19:45

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  It’s time for the editor to hand in the manuscript again!

  Ha :)Well, today I should not do equipment promotion and introduction. Let’s just tell a story, a real business case.

  A short story

  That day, George and his beautiful, cute and pure daughter Lisa from Cape Town, South Africa came to me to talk about an order for a production line of vacuum fried fruit and vegetable crispy chips; Lisa has selected many suppliers and compared the cost performance of each supplier. Well! This time Lisa brought his father here to confirm the details of contract for this set of vacuum frying equipment, so we had a good talk and confirmed our intention. During the meeting, I could feel the love of father and daughter and the happiness of Lisa being spoiled by her Dad.

  Before leaving, George suddenly asked me, hi, Bright, you have a daughter, right!? If your lovely daughter also wants you to invest in a factory for her to make her favorite fruit and vegetable crispy chips, and can invest in her under your ability, will you?

  I didn’t hesitate to tell him that “yes”, George, I said that any father would give his daughter the greatest love!

  Later, don’t ask me whether I signed the contract or not. I just want to say that it’s a beautiful fairy tale, just like the crispy and fluffy delicious feeling [kiss] which is fried in vacuum it likes a Dad’s loving, warmly and kindly.

  Now, Let me explain what is the advantage of vacuum & lower temperature processing. As following;

  Vacuum oil frying ( VF ) technology is to dehydrate food products in low temperature with the existence of vacuum condition (≤-0.09Mpa). Thus it is different from deep frying in normal atmosphere at high temperature. The VF tech was invented in the end of last century.

  Because its finished product is much better in quality than the normal deep fried products, the tech got developed quickly and applied much wider in 2010s. This kind of food well maintains the flavor and nutrition of the materials and it is delicious and variety and high in added-value.

  The fundamental principle of VF is that under negative pressure, the boiling point of moisture in food is reduced so the food can be dehydrated immediately in a short time. As the heating medium for dehydration, edible oil also avoids oxidation during dehydration and improves the quality of the food. So, there are many advantages of the VF tech as follows:

  1. Low nutrition loss due to low oil temperature.

  2. Quick evaporation and short dehydration time.

  3. Good inflating result.

  4. Oil goes bad much slower.

  5. It can effectively avoid the production of acrylamide carcinogens (the frying temperature is below 120 degrees Celsius).

  As we know that Acrylamide can cause carcinogens mainly in high-carbohydrate, low-protein plant foods that are heated (above 120°C) and are mainly formed during the cooking process. The main precursors of acrylamide are free aspartic acid (a representative amino acid in potatoes and cereals) and reducing sugars. The two undergo Maillard reaction to form acrylamide. The current technology basically adds paraginase to decompose in advance to avoid the production of acrylamide, but the high cost is not conducive to the control of product cost.

  But our vacuum low-temperature frying (below 120 degrees Celsius) can just prevent the production of this carcinogen.

  This machine adopts steam heating, rapid heating, automatic temperature control, automatic pressure control, with high-efficiency condenser, oil-water separator and heating oil filter device, start-up and operation PLC control, safe, efficient and reliable.

  Our company produces and sells vacuum fryer (dehydration) equipment for 20 years, and has a professional technical team to design and service. This equipment has been exported to more than 20 countries and has been well received by users and has been used well by users.

  Alright, I’ve finished telling the story for everyone. If you want to invest in this project, please contact us, specializing in manufacturing China’s intelligent manufacturing and choosing Arrow machinery.