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High Moisture Protein Production Line

High Moisture Protein Production Line

This process line is developed and manufactured on base of our experience combined with the advanced machines from foreign countries.This line takes defatted soyabean meal and peanut meal as main raw materials.After mixing,extruding,cutting and drying,the meal becomes layer fiber texture.The finish products have high protein;look and taste like meat;easy to absorbing oil,water and flavor;without cholesterol and animal fat,so it is widely used in meat products industry,fast food production frozen food production,and all kinds of vegetarian snacks and food.

Model Size Power Capacity
AHT36 36mm 11-20kw 15-40kg/h
AHT50 50mm 37-55kw 80-120kg/h
AHT62 62mm 55-110kw 150-300kg/h
AHT72 72mm 75-132kw 200-500kg/h
AHT95 95mm 132-200kw 600-1000kg/h
AHT120 120mm 160-450kw 800-2000kg/h

Soy meal extruder protein extrusion man made meat machines
Soy Bean Meat Protein Soya Chunk Nugget Extruder Machine is a new kind of inflating processing line, which is produced and developed according to rich experiences and the requirement of food market. This line adopts low-temperature soyabean powder as main material to produce new foods which looks like muscle and has the sense of mastication. This kind of food has highly nutrition and can be widely applied in many in industries: ham, can, fast -food, instant-cool food etc. This line is include mixer, double screw extruder, the compound shaping machine, fryer, the flavoring machine. It can produce the snack food by automatically
 Product description
Use Soya pea, etc plant type protein as main materials, after extruded, finished product with good water absorption Fiber Extensibility . So far best substitution for animal meat, free cholesterol, high protein. Widely used at vegetarian client fast freezing food, sausage food.

Advantages-The Doritos/Torilla/Corn Chip Processing Line

We have many types of hosts and high degree of automation. The extruder can realize button start, real-time data storage, real-time monitoring, alarm and reminder functions of the host.Our double screw extruder designed by 3D software, analogue simulation and it is tested by computer automatically to ensure the requirements of design precision. Professional manufacturing and processing,this will ensure the accuracy and coordinalion among each component of the Extruder. Stable processing and low noise is the best proof.