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Fibrated Textured Protein Production Line

Fibrated Textured Protein Production Line

1、Product Description&work flow chart

Fibrous texture protein food with features good water absorption ,recommend for high-grade vegetarian meat processing, like chicken, fish , hamburger, hot dog,meatball, nuggets,patty, steak etc.

Work flow chart:

Ingredients Preparation&Dosing – Blending,Mixing-Conditioning&Extruding- Sheeting&Cutting-Drying-Cooling-Packing

2、Production System Components

♦(1)Ingredients Preparation&Dosing

1).Microcomputer controls, accurate weight measurement

2).Batching processing, Optional automatic ingredients feeding for the multi-hosts


1).High automatic operated,PLC Controllin, finalized One-Key starting,data Storage,monitoring

2).Designed by 3D SolidWorks,AutoCad

3).High quality made ,Modular design Gear box, Screw, Barrel

4).Accurate Face cutting design ,applicable for various production cutting

5).Stable performance, Low noize,Easy Operation,maintenance


1). Designed for different length size cutting use

2). Roller flatting, size adjustment

♦(4)Drying machine

1). Single layer plate chain design,food grade

2). Easy cleaning, maintenance

3). Forced air circulation, high efficiency

4). PLC Control,Euro,Japan,Taiwan brand

5). Various heating medium: Electric,Natural Gas, Diesel,LPG,Steam

6). Includes:Automatic Distribution System,Hot Air Circulation System,Moisture Discharge System,Hot Air Cycle System,Drive Motor,Convey System.


Model AHT50 AHT62 AHT75
Output 80~150kg/h 180~300kg/h 300~400kg/h