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Cornflakes Production Line

Cornflakes Production Line

1.Process: Flour preparation-Blending-Conditioning-Extruding- Flaking- Pre drying -Roasting- Coating- Drying- Cooling-Packing

 2. Introduction of the Production System

♦Full Automatic Raw Materials Preparation Dosing System:Microcomputer controls, accurate weight measurement.

♦Extrusion System:We have many types of hosts and high degree of automation. The extruder can realize button start, real-time data storage, real-time monitoring, alarm and reminder functions of the host.Our double screw extruder designed by 3D software, analogue simulation and it is tested by computer automatically to ensure the requirements of design precision. Professional manufacturing and processing,this will ensure the accuracy and coordinalion among each component of the Extruder. Stable processing and low noise is the best proof.

♦Pre-drying System:8-layer vibration drying.

• Combined structure, easy to disassemble and transport.
• Vibration transportation, not easy to stick, materials heated evenly, easy to dry.
• Circulation design, energy saving, high baking efficiency.
• Independent dehumidification fan, convenient for dehumidification.

♦Flaking System:The flaking machine belongs to the forming machine. The products from the main machine are extruded by two rollers to form the sheet products.The flaking machine consists of the following parts: roller press system, distribution system, conveying system, scraper, transmission system and water cooling system.

♦Coating System:Sugar sprayer is used to spray syrup on the surface of materials, so as to adjust the taste of products. 

♦Drying System:Heat source can use a variety of heat medium, electricity, gas, fuel oil, steam, etc. The dryer includes:Distribution System,Hot Air Circulation System,Moisture Discharge System,Hot Air Cycle System,Drive Motor,Convey System.

3.Raw materials: corn,wheat,oats grains etc.


Model AHT62  AHT75  AHT95 AHT95-II
Output 200-300kg/h 400-600kg/h 1000~2000kg/h 1200-1500kg/h